Monday, September 12, 2011

Intellij IDEA important defualt short cut keys.

These are the mostly used default short cut keys used in Intellij IDEA.
  • Code completion - ctrl+space
  • Go to declaration - ctrl+b - This can be done by clicking on the usage while pressing ctrl.
  • Go to class - ctrl+n
  • Comment/ Uncomment - ctrl+/ or for block comments ctrl+shift+/
  • Complete statement - ctrl+shift+enter
  • Go back - ctrl+alt+left
  • Go forward - ctrl+alt+right
  • Show usage - ctrl+alt+f7 (GIves a pop up list)  alt+f7 (Gives a separate pane below)
  • Parameter Info - ctrl+p
  • Find in path (in the whole project)- ctrl+shift+f
  • Add new class/method - alt+insert
  • Surround the code block - ctrl+alt+t
  • Iterate using a for loop - " iter " tab
  • Fill system.out.println - "sout" tab

If you need the whole short cut key list for windows/linux, you can download the IntelliJ IDEA Default Keymap from here. :)

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