Saturday, September 10, 2011

How to apply different number formats to pages of a word 2007 document

This post would be useful to people who are searching for how to apply different number formats within one word document. That is your document will have roman numbers in the first few pages and then normal numbers in the rest of the document.

1. For this we have to break the document in to sections, so that we can apply different number formats to different sections. Most of the time we do not have to number the cover page of the document. So what we have to do take the cover page as the section 1 and rest of the pages as the section 2. In order to do so, put the cursor in the cover page, then insert a section break as below.

So the cover page and the rest of the pages will now be two different sections.

2. But still these sections will be linked so we have to remove the link to previous section. For this, go to the footer header view, and click on the link to previous button on the ribbon as follows.

Then we can put the cursor on the section we need and insert page numbers.

3. But still there are two option as the numbers, continue from previous section / start at one. According to the requirement we can change this option. Go to insert ---> Page numbers ---> Format page numbers ---> in the page numbering section you can choose the option you need.

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